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Our beeswax polish is faithfully made to an original Victorian recipe. Beeswax and pure gum turpentine produce a traditional finish and a superior polish on all types of wood.

Unlike many modern versions of beeswax polish, we still use turpentine to dissolve the wax. Turpentine is made from distilled pine sap, and has a far more beneficial effect on wood than modern petroleum based alternatives.

Our polish is a cream emulsion, as opposed to a hard paste, making it easy to use and readily absorbed by the wood; simply apply with a soft cloth, and buff off.

We produce two types of polish; neutral, which is ideal for any type of wood; and brown, which can be used as a subtle stain to darken light woods such as pine, or to enhance the grain on darker woods. The brown is also useful for covering damage such as sun bleaching.

Our polish is available in 142g and 283g jars, a 4lb tins.

Cambridge Traditional Products Ltd was established in 1979, to manufacture Traditional Beeswax furniture Polish. Retired teacher and beekeeper Adrian Perkins discovered an original Victorian recipe, and soon realised he had something special. A truly traditional beeswax polish imparts a unique silky shine that you don’t get with modern polishes, and one that improves over time with subsequent applications.

Our polish is a cream emulsion, and we have stuck faithfully to the original ingredients, including the finest quality beeswax and genuine pure gum turpentine.

We produce our polish in two versions; the original ‘neutral’, perfect for any wood; and a brown version which is great as a subtle stain, or to enhance the grain, especially on dark woods such as mahogany or walnut.

Some years ago, after receiving a request from a builder working for English Heritage, we developed CTP Timber Reviver. Timber Reviver is a natural solution of Beeswax and Turpentine for the renovation and protection of old timber beams. Timber reviver naturally feeds and enhances wood like the polish, but comes in a form that can be easily applied by brush, making it ideal for the rough, textured surfaces usually found on old architectural timbers.

Although developed specifically for old beams, Timber reviver is ideal for any wood where application of polish with a cloth is impractical.

We also produce and supply pure beeswax, in 1oz sticks or larger blocks as required.