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As more people rightly wish to own their home, now is the time for a system which helps make that possible.

Up until now for most Self-Builders, the only option has been to rely on either using a timber frame or block / brick mortar build. Now there is a third option.

Hybrid Modular Construction mixes the best of off-site manufacture and the aesthetic finish of conventional build.

Unlike the traditional build one can use shallow foundations in the form of a concrete raft or a self-piling system like – and save vital funds.

Unlike a traditional build our galvanised steel module comes fitted with insulated external walls, floor and ceiling in our quoted price. You are ready once we have erected the structure for you to start the internal fit out.

When we leave you, your structure will be weatherproof, so you can continue whatever the weather. If you need guidance we can help with the order or process of construction/fitting. We like to keep things simple.

One of the great advantages of a home with no structural walls is you can change your layout as you wish. Standing in a clear space allows you to put the services in the right place and not regret your decisions from having just viewed the plans.

You can build at your own pace. You will need additional trades, but not that many, but best of all they can be independent of each other. If you fancy us to do more of the build to get you on your way, that is fine. We can give support in the building up to the point where you wish to continue independently.

Your home will be mortgage lender approved as well as covered by a 10 year BOPAS warranty. All we need are your plans so we can go through with your architect to demonstrate how our system works.

Why do we say ‘deskill your build’?
Simple, hired labour is expensive, your time is free. Doing tasks where patience will reward you, that saves you money and best of all knowing you did it, makes your home extra special.

Building using our system, we know you are saving £200 – £400 per square metre over a managed build.That might be the difference between owning your home or just wishing.

VRC Homes' hybrid modular construction system has many advantages. It offers a fast structural build, a flexible use of space, requires only a raft foundation and combines the best of offsite manufacture with conventional build.

They are able to construct up to five storeys high. There are no structural walls within the outer frame. It also has the added advantage of reduced dependency on the home supply chain.

What makes VRC Homes different from many of their fellow structural suppliers is their simple approach to building design. They model all our builds on a multiple module layout of varying sizes, each storey being the same as the ground floor frame plan.

The look of the completed build can range from contemporary to traditional, offering two ceiling heights and allowing an uninterrupted internal width of up to eleven metres and the length being determined by the number of modules used.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show.