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Smart, reliable, efficient

Smart water softeners – Optimum efficiency and long life

• A choice of models to suit your home

• Lower running costs

• Superb reliability

• Longer life

• Adapts to your water consumption

• Uses less salt and water than a basic block salt system

• Easy to use

Wi-Fi enabled EcoWater softeners

Control from your sofa

• Salt top up

• Water usage monitor

• Performance information

• Remote support for extra peace of mind

The intelligent answer to hard water problems

If you live in a hard water area, a water softener will change the way you think about water in your home.

One in four of the world’s water softeners are made by EcoWater Systems so no wonder EcoWater has an unbeatable reputation for product quality and reliability.

Manufactured in their own facilities, their smart technology and high quality materials,
means you can rely on EcoWater.

You’ll love the difference a water softener can make to your home.