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The roof is one of the most dominant features of any building and choosing the right roofing material is key to its success.

A Dreadnought clay roof makes an immediate impression delivering a quality appearance and appeal to a project that will last and even improve with age.   Dreadnought Tiles are clay tile specialists, manufacturing clay tiles, at their factory in the West Midlands for over 200 years, in a wide range of natural clay colours from Staffordshire blue to brindles, browns and reds.  The natural colours of Dreadnought’s roof tiles are produced by controlling the kiln atmosphere to produce rich shade variations which set them apart from other manufacturers whose colours nowadays are produced using artificial stains and pigments.  Dreadnought offer 3 different ranges of tiles, machine made, handcrafted rustic and handmade tiles as well as a range of ornamental tiles and complementary roofing components and fittings.

Dreadnought’s Collingwood blend of sandfaced machinemade tiles were chosen by Audley Retirement for their new luxury village at Inglewood in Berkshire.  Steep roof pitches are a big feature of the external envelope of this luxury development  and it was therefore critical that the right roof tile was selected.  The Collingwood blend of tiles works well with the beautiful rural surroundings and flows seamlessly from one elevation to another, complementing the elegant central Manor House. On why they chose these clay tiles, Audley Retirement explains, “The standard of quality that Dreadnought Tiles provides was an ideal match for Audley where we aim to set the highest of standards in luxury retirement living”. 

Sam Cook, Director at Coleman Hicks Partnership was looking for a roofing material that looked timeless for his project in Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire andafter searching the market, we decided on  Dreadnought’s Red Blue blend plain tiles because the natural process means that some tiles are red, others blue, and many have a bit of each – the other red blue tiles we considered were more uniform and had a very similar grading of red to blue in each tile, which can look artificial on a large area.” he explains. It is this subtle uncontrived colour variation within each tile that makes all the difference on a Dreadnought roof.  For further information and samples visit or call  01384 77405.