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As one of the leading BBQ huts manufacturers, Eurodita has come a long way serving the customers with the best quality BBQ huts all over Lithuania. We also manufacture custom design BBQ huts which can be marketed as eco-friendly.

Our presence in the market for over two decades has made one of the most sought after names for BBQ huts and grill kota cabins. We offer a no objection 23-year manufacturer’s guarantee giving you peace of mind while ordering a BBQ hut from us.
Every BBQ hut is manufactured by hand employing the best traditional methods and of course, top grade timber.

Our quality BBQ huts remain unparalleled in the BBQ hut market, because “quality” is not just another word for us, but the main factor that motivates us to manufacture the highest quality BBQ huts. A BBQ hut is the most stunning of garden buildings and unbelievably you will find lots of space inside you possibly have not thought about.

In our appealing BBQ hut, you will be able to accommodate up to 30 people if creating a comfy and friendly environment is what you are after. Being warm and cozy in winters, BBQ hut is the right choice.

In a highly competitive global market of log structures, Eurodita stands out as the No #1 supply choice for smart dealers and retailers. From the sourcing of the materials to delivery of product, all of their processes are accommodated to the interests of their B2B partners across Europe and the entire globe.

Founded in 1994, the Lithuania-based company built its reputation through an unparalleled dedication to the interests of their clients. In over two decades of activity in the log cabins industry, the company has developed into a global organisation with branches in over 50 countries.

Dealers are faced with a difficult challenge of satisfying increasingly demanding consumers with impeccable log and timber products, while still making a profit. More and more dealers are discovering that the most efficient solution to their challenges is Eurodita: the leader in serving smart dealers. What top dealers also appreciate about Eurodita is the Exclusive Dealer Program: a possible arrangement whereby you receive the products for Private Label on the understanding that no other dealer will sell Eurodita products in your area.

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