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Rotaire Dryline is the brainchild of Malcolm Victory, who is one of Kevin Macleod’s Green Heroes for inventing the Dryline and for its role in improving the quality of life in the modern environment. It was also awarded BEST PRODUCT in the Sage 50 Awards.

Since its invention the Dryline has sold to over 10,000 customers and has proved very popular with working mums who are able to hang out before work and know that the washing will be ready in the evening, and for older ladies who like the quality and pastime of drying outside but do not want to be chained to the house in case of a sudden downpour – or having to rush down the garden to retrieve it before it is soaked! But it is really for every category of person, because we all have laundry and it all needs to dry.

Many customers have reported that their energy bills have reduced dramatically after buying a Dryline, and it seems strange that so many people have rotary lines but so few have a cover against rain. In Britain the odds of a shower sometime during the day are probably 50/50, so the airer does not get used and the tumble dryer uses more valuable energy. Others have praised it for protecting their laundry from bird mess or from pollution and tree lime or from Ultra Violet bleaching.

All orders are despatched from the Worcestershire base and have gone as far afield as Australia and California, Indonesia and Italy.

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