For lovers of home and interior design, creating a bedroom that reflects the style of the rest of the home, but simultaneously expresses your child’s individuality and interests can be a difficult balance to strike. Whilst it’s important that the interests and needs of your child primarily inspire the space, getting inspiration from other bedrooms is always helpful.

We’ve pulled together a collection of kid’s bedrooms that showcase the best use of vibrant colours, prints and patterns, as well as quirky features that will instantly transform an ordinary bedroom into a fun, child orientated space.

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1. A teepee for twins

A stylish monochrome scheme has been used throughout this home and the twins’ bedroom is no different. Mother Anjali spotted the teepee and playmat from Wildfire TeePees on instagram, and then found the wall stickers on Etsy to tie the look together.

teepee in a bedroom for twins

2. Wall stickers

Wall stickers are a great option for decorating children’s bedrooms as, no matter their age, they can take a hands-on role in designing their special space. Easily removable, stickers allow you to personalise a room without permanency.

children bedroom with bright prints and patterns

3. Cute and stylish

This gorgeous nursery is evidence that a child’s space can be in keeping with the rest of the home. This cute tepee is a great place for little ones to play, but also uses fabrics and furnishings that compliment the vintage style of parents Maaike and Onno’s home.

4. Bedroom feature wall

Feature walls enable the use of bold prints, patterns or colours without the room feeling overwhelmed.This is achieved particularly successfully with this timeless pinstriped wallpaper.

pink and white pinstriped bedroom for children

5. A little imagination

The graphic mountain design found in the corner of this room is another great way to add a pop of colour and quirkiness to a child’s bedroom. Small design features, such as this, prove just how easy it is to transform a space, all that’s required is a little imagination.

children bedroom with geometric shapes painted on wall

6. Expanding horizons

The giant world map that dominates a corner of this bedroom, brings this otherwise neutral room to life, whilst inspiring youngsters to learn more about the world around them. Why not encourage your child to stick stickers on all the countries they’ve visited? This is a great way to document your child’s life experiences and add a real personal touch to their space.

children bedroom with map feature wall

 7. Double trouble

Bunk beds are superb space savers if you want your children to share a room. Add matching duvet covers with statement prints for an extra cute feel. Bunks can often be split into two single beds when the time comes that they’re no longer fit for purpose, so it’s worth investing in something strong that will stand the test of time.

children bedroom with bunkbeds and matching bedding

 8. Thinking about the future

Parents Alison and Matt were keen for their daughters to share a bedroom during their early years, but thought practically during the design process to ensure the room could be divided in half in future.

children bedroom with bright pink feature wall

 9. Children’s bedroom storage

Book shelves and night lights instantly add a cosy feel to a child’s bedroom, setting it up perfectly for bedtime stories. Children love to display their favorite toys and books, so opt for thin display shelves where they are on show, but are easy to grab from the bed side. Also, go for a light with a switch close to the bed, so as your child gets older and starts to read on their own, they

blue children bedroom with nightlight and book shelves

 10. Older children

As children get older its increasingly important to let them express themselves through the design of their bedroom, but this doesn’t mean you can’t guide them a little! Try suggesting graphic prints, such as this Heinz Baked Beans piece to add a contemporary feel to their bedroom.

older childs bedroom with graphic prints

 11. Creative bedroom furniture

Mum, Lyn, was keen to avoid traditional furniture in her children’s bedrooms, instead opting for brightly coloured, plastic, pieces with quirky shapes and child friendly features. This style of furniture also reflect the contemporary design found throughout the rest of the family home.