Exposed brick is an ever-popular decoration seen in an increasing number of homes. It is a great way of creating a feature wall or adding texture and warmth. It is so popular, in fact, that tile companies are seeing growth in the demand for brick slips – tiles that have the look and texture of an exposed wall – so it is possible to replicate the effect of a real brick wall anywhere in your home.

If you’re looking for inspiration to create a feature wall, or to add an element of industrial style to a kitchen extension, take a look at this selection of exposed brick walls.

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1. Choosing colours that pop

Opting for coloured kitchen units, such as these, are a great option when designing a kitchen with an exposed brick wall. The colour pops against the more neutral toned brickwork, adding warmth and depth to the space.

2. Large spaces

This converted school combines modern living, with an appreciation for the craftsmanship that went in to designing and building the property. Light, sandy colored bricks, combined with tall windows add an abundance of light to the space, while simultaneously acting as a leading feature within the space.

schoolhouse with an exposed brick wall

For more exposed brick interior inspiration, take a further look around Debbie and Bill’s home

3. Renovation finds

While extending their home to suit their expanding family, Matt and Michelle were faced with a number of options for what to do with the exposed chimney breast in their soon-to-be converted loft space.

The chimney breast provides a focal point in the room and pays homage to the history of the property. This is further enhanced by the decision to retain the original floor boards and the selection of furniture that, while modern, has a splash of Victorian influence.

4. Accessorising an exposed brick wall

It can be a dilemma deciding whether to add accessories and decoration to an exposed brick wall, or to simply let it speak for itself. In this instance simple accessories in neutral tones works successfully, adding a homely feel to a family space.

Opting for muted decorations that match the feel of a room with exposed brick interiors, such as chalk boards, mirrors and clocks can be a nice option.

5. Making exposed brick work a feature in any room

This vintage inspired bathroom demonstrates that exposed brick interiors can be easily achieved through DIY. In the early stages of gutting the space, homeowners Leanne and Gareth discovered beautiful original brickwork and chose to make it a feature in their bathroom.

6. Small spaces

This industrial style kitchen extension proves that exposed brick interiors can be used in small spaces. Homeowners Roya and Mike have decided to expose brickwork in one small section of the room, which allows it to enhance the industrial style feel of the extension.

side return extension with exposed brick wall

For more industrial style design ideas, take a look around Roya and Mike’s kitchen extension

7. Linking indoor and outdoor spaces

Combining exposed brick interiors with sliding or bi-fold doors is a great option if you’re interested in linking indoor and outdoor spaces, particularly when the brickwork is consistent with that of the exterior walls.

Creating a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors is further enhanced by the selection of tiles that connect the inside of the home with the garden.

Barn conversion with an exposed brick wall

Take a closer look around Mel and Alex’s extension

8. An alternative to traditional exposed brickwork

Homeowners Clarisse and Karim bucked the trend by opting to expose the concrete blocks that form the walls of their extension. The finished look is a bold and modern take on exposed brick.

9. Dark brickwork

Fear related to small and dingy feeling rooms can provoke tension in homeowners considering the use of dark colours and brickwork in their home. However, Pippa’s home proves that dark brickwork, when paired with a naturally light space is a recipe for success.

industrial renovation with exposed brick walls

If you like the style of Pippa’s kitchen, find out where she sourced her many bespoke items

10. Wood works

When working with orange and red toned brickwork, wooden furniture and accessories should be top of your list of decoration. A perfect example is this wooden table that complements the exposed brickwork.

Victorian flat with an exposed brick wall

If you’ve been inspired by the style of this kitchen, take a look around the rest of the house