The latest innovation

The latest stainless steel taps can do far more than just pour cold and warm water. With the right choice, you could completely replace the kettle — removing the need to get your water boiling before cooking a meal and taking the waiting out of making drinks.

The unique new Omni tap from Franke (pictured above) is the most advanced tap on the market. With its timeless design and solid stainless construction, it gives you the multiple benefits of full 100⁰C filtered boiling, filtered cold water and standard mains hot and cold from the simple operation of two levers. In fact it’s the world’s first mixer tap to incorporate all of this lifestyle convenience at the turn of handle. Changing the filter is as easy as changing a light bulb and an LED will tell you when you need to, after approximately six to nine months.

The benefits of stainless steel

  1. Pure stainless steel is naturally antibacterial, resistant to corrosion and doesn’t have anything added during the forging process.
  2. Stainless steel has an incredibly dense composition and its surface is completely smooth so there is nowhere for bacteria to become trapped.
  3. Being made entirely of one metal, it is hardwearing and long lasting, whilst its natural metallic finish is very easy to clean.
  4. In the event of damage, scratches and marks can be buffed out of the metal without fear of damaging the surface.
  5. There is no need to add a coating to a stainless steel tap, as the exterior surface is completely smooth. You may not have as much variation in colour as a brass tap, but a stainless steel tap can be finished in anything between a soft matt gunmetal to a high chrome.

The professional choice

You are most likely to find a stainless steel tap in a professional kitchen because of their antibacterial benefits. They are easy to clean and have a natural resistance to germs that makes them perfect for family kitchens that see a lot of cooking. Professional hose taps like this single lever Abode Stalto (pictured below) is practical and will add a professional statement to any kitchen design. It comes with both jet and spray settings, and has an articulated stainless steel hose for mobility and a five year manufacturers guarantee.

Abode Stalto professional kitchen tap in stainless steel

It measures H700xBase Dia. 55mm and is £421 from John Lewis

A modern twist

Stainless steel taps can easily be adapted to any style of kitchen, whether it be a modern, minimalist design or a traditional barn-style project. As stainless steel taps get increasingly popular, more new styles are being released on to the market. This Caple Kontro stainless steel mixer tap (below) puts a modern twist on the classic bridge design with two contemporary cross head handles.


Caple Kontro monobloc stainless steel kitchen tap, from £85, Appliance House

The eco-friendly option

Stainless steel is the ideal choice if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly style. A tap constructed from stainless steel is recyclable and it is highly likely that it was manufactured from reused material in the first place.


KWC Luna single lever pull-out spray kitchen tap, £260 – £346, John Lewis


Villeroy and Boch modern steel single lever mixer tap, £299.95, Inderkitchen


Ninety side lever stainless steel tap, £170, Crosswater