Britain’s love of the neutral ‘comfort zone’ is over, and it’s clear to see in the current vibrant trends filling our magazine pages with a glorious array of colours.

According to George Home, 95% of Brits ‘take risks’ with their interior design schemes, and sales of coloured emulsion paints are up 495% from last year*. These impressive figures show that Britain is certainly ready to make a big, bold statement when it comes to their interiors.

This surge in colour and ‘risk taking’ shows, in my opinion, that we’re ready to have more fun with our homes. It also means that bold colour doesn’t always have to be bright — darker, moody tones are fashionable too.

Interior stylist Sally Cullen suggests that this rise in popularity ‘can be attributed to a rejection of the “blank canvas” look that has been popular in recent years and a move towards a new trend of customising homes in more colourful ways that truly reflect individual tastes, lifestyles and attitudes.’

Moving away from safe neutral shades and experimenting with the different hues we might desire is one of the easiest ways to give a room impact and personality. Colour is a reflection of your own style, and letting it loose all over your house is a fantastic way to create your forever home, or to keep up with trends, if that’s your thing.

Mike Plant, ASDA’s DIY Buyer notes that ‘People are adjusting interior trends as they do with fashion, with some even switching up paint and accessories from season to season.’ Colour can help to keep your home exciting, and paying attention to trends is one way to gain inspiration and get creative with your décor.

So what have been the most popular colours bought in 2015 so far**?

1. Dark Grey

Perhaps inspired by a certain film, or, as I like to think, because it is an interesting tone with dramatic depth, dark grey has become the best-selling colour of 2015. Dark grey offers a sophisticated option with industrial associations. It is best used in a large room with high ceilings and lots or light, or carefully in a naturally lit small space.

While this choice is dark by nature, ensuring your room is well lit by large windows or ambient lighting will soften the effect, creating a cosy atmosphere.

FINAL-george_antique-pewterWalls painted in ‘Antique Pewter’ Matt Emulsion, priced £12 for 2.5L, from George Home

2. Forest Green

Forest green fits many interiors and offers scope for a playful decorating scheme. Depending on the tone you choose, more vibrant shades can lend themselves to a nature-inspired scheme, while a darker hue will offer a more adult approach.

From personal experience, forest green looks fantastic with oak flooring or furniture, perfectly complimenting each other.

valspar-eco-greenWalls painted in ‘Eco Friendly’ Premium Walls & Ceilings by Valspar, priced £26.98 for 2.5L

3. Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is perhaps the boldest colour of the top three, as this is deep and moody. In terms of colour psychology, blue is a calming colour, and midnight blue evokes the relaxing night-time sky.

Midnight blue works in both classic and contemporary interiors. As a reasonably traditional colour, it should age well and stand the test of time.


Walls painted in ‘Marine’ Colours Matt Emulsion, priced £7 for 1L from B&Q

Real project

Recently, I helped with a whole-house decorating project involving all three of these colours, plus a healthy dose of mustard yellow (which you can just see peeping through the doorway). In the kitchen-diner, we used a deep blue to create a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere for both entertaining and unwinding.

This project has certainly opened my eyes to how much fun decorating with colour is. If you haven’t tried it, I can tell you what a striking difference a feature wall, or a brave whole-room makeover, can make.


Kitchen painted in ‘Majestic Peak’ Premium Walls & Ceilings, priced £26.98 for 2.5L from Valspar

How do you decorate with colour? Have you taken any decorating risks? I’d love to hear your comments, or share your colourful pictures in our inspiration gallery.

*ASDA surveyed 1,000 men and women via Pulse of the Nation
**From top 10 best-selling shades for 2015