Progress continues to be good on our build. A number of key milestones have been reached since my last blog.

The roof has been completed, which was quite complex, and features two hipped roof sections. The first fix was done, which proved quite tiresome as we moved, and moved again, the location of various switches and sockets. And the major plasterboard and plastering work was finished, including our large vaulted ceiling, which I would estimate is five metres from floor to ceiling at the highest point.

vaulted ceiling interior of a renovated and extended home with drying plaster

The kitchen design has been agreed and we are using Ikea units, which, having spent some time deciding, come out by far the best option. I have decided to reduce the impact of the kitchen in the kitchen-diner area, and I have redesigned the layout so that the cooking area is in the corner. This means it is hidden from the dining table, and also that we have zero wall units. Having no wall units leaves a large 5x5m2 wall, which I am able to keep completely clean from a design perspective. I will be cladding this wall in oak veneer MDF to add warmth to the room.

I’m delighted that the external cladding has now been done. We decided to go with two types of British red cedar cladding we sourced from iWood online. We’ve used traditional washboard, laid horizontally, which mirrors the black agricultural boarding on our two-floor annexe. And square-cut tongue and groove has been used for vertical sections. The wood is a fantastic product and we decided to choose it over other materials based on aesthetics and cost. We will be allowing the wood to season naturally and turn grey.

an extended Victorian home with red cedar cladding and hipped roof
cedar cladding on a extension on stilts

As you can see from the photo, we have also used this cladding for our two integrated outdoor seating areas. One seating area is off our first-floor bedroom balcony, which the builders call the ‘dug out’ and like to sunbath in at lunch! The other, on the ground floor, is integrated into the overhang coming off our kitchen deck. We shamelessly stole this idea from the Luke Zuber Highgate house that was featured in Homebuilding & Renovating magazine some time ago.

terrace area with cedar cladding

The next phases of the project will be:

  • removing the chimney breast between old laundry and living room to open up;
  • laying of underfloor kitchen heating;
  • installing 27 hardware double-glazed sash windows;
  • building a new link and entrance to the house.

Our completion date is still August, we are told.

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