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So when is it time to change the locks? Read on for tips on when to replace your locks.

Lost Keys

If you’ve lost your keys permanently then locks should be changed. It is far less hassle to replace the locks altogether, rather than having to sort the aftermath of a burglary because someone had direct access to your home.


The main point of entry to your home is through the front door. It’s used throughout the year several times a day. Over time locks can become worn or rusted, becoming easier to break. Visible signs of rust or trouble turning your key means it’s time to replace.


No one wants to experience a break-in, but if the worst happens you’ll have no choice but to fit new locks. A damaged lock will be weak and therefore susceptible to further break-ins. If you’re unsure ask an expert, otherwise don’t take the risk.


The last thing you want to happen is for a key to break off in the lock. Keys not sliding into the lock easily or resistance when turning are common signs that there is an issue with the internal mechanism, and that the lock should be replaced.

Peace of Mind

There doesn’t need to be visible signs of damage in order to replace your front door locks. Regular maintenance of your home security could mean changing the locks every few years, giving you much-needed peace of mind that you’re keeping your family and possessions safe.

Go Digital

Having a digital front door lock is an ideal way to secure your home without the need for keys. Keyfree locks are the new age in home security technology, as they are simple and easy to use with a range of helpful features.

You’ll be able to programme your own unique pin code to enter which can be changed as much as you like. You can also set up a timed temporary code that you can give to friends and family. Alternatively you can control a keyfree lock from your smart device or remote key fob.