I like the look of wooden worktops, but am worried about the upkeep. What is the best way to maintain the look and quality of the wood?

  • Kathleen Spriggs-bush

    Wooden worktops are extremely durable and can really enhance the look of a kitchen, but they will need regular oiling to maintain the look and quality of the natural material. Wood is very porous so the oil will help to maintain a durable, water-tight seal. To know if your worktop is in good condition, ask yourself if it has an attractive sheen and if water is spilt on it, is it beading on the surface. If neither is the case it probably needs oiling. Frequent oiling before the installation is important as it primes the wood for regular use in the kitchen. It is then recommended you apply the oil a month after installtion and every three to four months afterwards. Using a soft, lint-free cloth with a small amount of soap to wipe down your work surface and using pan stands to avoid contact with very hot or wet pans is a good idea to prevent staining and wear.

    – Alexandra Finlay, director of marketing and creative brands, Worktop Express

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