Content supplied by Canal Architectural

Today steel has become a popular choice for staircase designs due to its versatile nature. Canal Architectural explain why it might be the best option for your home, whatever style you are looking for.

1.Steel offers great strength and durability

There is a reason why steel is used to make joists for structural support in many buildings — it is incredibly strong. Most of the world’s largest skyscrapers are based around a steel framework, making them able to withstand strong winds and heavy weights. So a steel staircase can easily manage the strains of daily household traffic.

Steel will not warp, crack or rot meaning is it almost maintenance-free. It can also handle high temperatures and is not vulnerable to humidity like timber — so no creaking steps or movement.

2. A steel staircase can come in nearly any shape

Steel can be cut, welded or moulded into pretty much any shape, lending itself to not only a standard straight flight of stairs, but also spiral, helical or ‘floating’ cantilevered designs. What’s more, the steel parts can be twisted, rolled and shaped, offering the greatest versatility for your balustrades and handrails too.

3. Size is not an issue with a steel staircase

Steel is capable of spanning very large areas. Look at the steel staircases in commercial and industrial buildings, and you will realise that you can make a staircase far larger than your would ever need in a domestic setting.

4. Steel staircases can come in a variety of finishes

If the look of bare steel is not for you, you can have your staircase powder coated (in a number of colours), satin polished or electroplated. Alternatively, if a steel exterior is not what you are looking for the structure can be hidden with a variety of materials such as timber treads or glass balustrades.

5. Steel is the ultimate bespoke option

If you are looking for an industrial style, then steel is an obvious option, but a steel staircase can be easily customised to suit any style of home. Its versatility allows it to be fabricated into incredible custom designs — meaning whatever you have in mind can almost certainly be created.