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There was a time when you would venture down to the bottom of the garden only to find a dilapidated shed and some old rusty tools. Luckily, those days are gone, and over the last few decades people have come to treasure their outdoor space as an extension of their home.

Meeting modern needs

Technology and flexible working hours have changed the working sector forever, and with more and more people working from home extra space is needed, especially if you have a growing family. Building an extension to your house or having the loft converted are both good options for adding space to your home, but there is an easier and cheaper way.

Many people might consider a garden room to be beyond their means, but the truth is that modern building techniques and an array of eco-friendly materials means that garden rooms are more affordable than ever, and a great way to add space to your home.

Garden rooms provide extra space for your home without the need of planning permission, expensive surveyors and builders or disruption to the home. Most of the structure is pre-fabricated off-site and can be installed in a matter of hours. Garden rooms can also be tailored to your specific needs, with different fixtures and fittings, floor finishes and door/window combinations depending on the intended use.

Making the right choice

One such supplier of bespoke garden rooms is Oeco Garden Rooms; they have a wide range of different sizes and styles to choose from including garden offices, garden pods and glass garden rooms. They also build soundproof music rooms and garden lodges for their clients who want something a bit different.

The type of garden room you choose will depend on what it is going to be used for. Glass garden rooms are great for those who want to bring the garden inside, however if it will be used for working a garden office is a great option and adds more privacy. If you need storage space for garden equipment, Oeco also offer the choice to add a store room to the garden room too!

Simple, beneficial and versatile

The great thing about garden rooms is that they rarely need planning permission. As long as the garden room does not exceed 2.5 meters in height and is situated at least 0.5 meters from any boundaries then no planning permission is needed. This takes that hassle out of having to contact your local authority and all of the time and paperwork that’s involved.

Garden rooms have come a long way over the past five years and now feature the same insulation (if not better) as modern houses, PVCu double glazed windows and doors with security locks, mains electricity and waterproof breathable membranes to ensure that the garden room can be used all year round.

Seemless integration

The exterior timber cladding used in the construction of garden rooms is obtained from renewable sources, has a superior tongue and groove format and is highly resistant to decay, durability and natural preservatives. Timber cladding also requires little maintenance and has a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years, plus, not only does it look good thanks to its unique warm brown, red and pink hues, but it also effortlessly blends in with any garden theme.

So, whether you’re looking for more space due to a growing family, need an office space to work in or just want to enjoy your outdoor space all year round, a garden room is the perfect choice.